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Lösung Für Neue Sparkassen-App

16. April 2021

München, den 16. April 2021: The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe is now offering its corporate customers an app that can be used for contactless payment transactions on a joint solution from FinTech company RUBEAN AG, Munich, (ISIN: DE0005120802, WKN: 512080, R1B: GR) and payment provider CCV, Arnhem / Netherlands based.

With the "Sparkasse POS" (S-POS) app, business people can accept card payments from their customers on a standard Android(TM) smartphone without an additional card reader. The corporate customer's own smartphone thus becomes a mobile card reader. The S-POS app itself was developed by S-Payment, the payment competence center of the German savings bank organisation, together with the full-service payment service provider PAYONE, a joint venture between Worldline and the DSV Group, and the partners Deutscher Sparkassenverlag (DSV) and bluesource mobile solutions developed and provided.

The digital terminal integrated in the app is based on the “S-POS Plug-in” app developed by CCV and RUBEAN, which is also installed on the retailer's smartphone. The digital terminal enables contactless card payments to be made on the S-POS app. Sparkasse POS is the first acceptance app on the German market that can also be used to make payments with the girocard, the most successful and popular payment method in this country.

At the start of the market, corporate customers of the savings banks will initially be able to collect amounts of up to 50 euros contactless, both using classic plastic cards and digital cards in payment apps such as "Mobile Payments" or Apple Pay. Customers can also use the S-POS app to make contactless payments using the Maestro, Mastercard, V PAY and Visa card systems. In the opinion of the savings banks, payment transactions are in a state of upheaval.

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic in particular, many discounters and trading companies have been relying on cashless payments for safety and hygiene reasons. From now on, smaller market participants, for example weekly market feeders, craftsmen, strawberry or sunflower field operators, taxi operators, kiosks, clubs or farm shop owners, etc., without cash register systems or terminal infrastructure, and thus very inexpensively, can make cashless payments to their customers to offer.

According to a study entitled “POS Systems 2020” by the EHI-Retail Institute, 77 percent of the retailers surveyed want to replace all or part of their hardware in the next few years. A key topic in this context is the mobile cash register. 56 percent of the retailers surveyed planned to use mobile devices to handle the checkout process in the future. "The digital terminal will change our business life," says Dr. Hermann Geupel, CEO of RUBEAN AG, sure. “The mobile app runs on almost all Android smartphones and allows business people to accept card payments anywhere, at the street sales stand, after a plumbing repair on site at the customer, at the end of a sales talk in a department store.

The ability to pay directly saves time for everyone involved and could even create new business models. ”About RUBEAN RUBEAN AG has been a software manufacturer in the financial sector that has been established for 20 years. The company offers, among other things, Software solutions for smooth communication with peripheral devices in bank branches. Rubean is now growing with the development and marketing of the innovative, mobile point-of-sale terminal solution PhonePOS (TM). RUBEAN has been listed in the premium segment m: access of the Munich Stock Exchange with the symbol R1B since April 2020.

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RUBEAN’s PhonePOS™ erhält Zertifizierung nach PCI-Standard
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RUBEAN’s PhonePOS™ erhält Zertifizierung nach PCI-Standard

Das Fintech-Unternehmen RUBEAN AG, München, (ISIN: DE0005120802, WKN: 512080, R1B:GR) hat heute für ihre Software-Lösung PhonePOS™ die weltweit für alle Kreditkartenzah-lungen gültige Zertifizierung des Payment Card Council Security Standard Council (PCI SSC) erhalten.

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