GetPAYD enables retail delivery drivers to collect on delivery

Cashless payment acceptance via Android-based handheld devices, without additional hardware


What is GetPAYD

GetPAYD powered by SoftPOS offers users of Android handheld devices the option of cashless acceptance directly via the scanning device. An additional payment terminal is not required.

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GetPAYD on Zebra

GetPAYD on Honeywell

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Now, with a single handheld device, delivery drivers can scan for both inventory data and accept payments with a single handheld device, making transaction record keeping, inventory tracking and payment activity faster and easier.
Once GetPAYD is installed and activated, the delivery person use the Android device to replace bulky and often unavailable handheld terminals at the point of sale, reducing time and customer transaction delays.
Rubean´s GetPAYD can be pre-installed on the devices, when they are shipped by leading suppliers, or downloaded by the user from the company software server with all payment gateway, acquirer and banking information already hardcorded and ready for activation.
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