Rubean and the Cyclebit Group sign convertible loan agreement

Rubean und Cyclebit Group unterzeichnen Vertrag über Wandeldarlehen

27. April 2022

München, 27. April 2022: Rubean AG, Munich, (ISIN: DE0005120802, WKN: 512080) and the CYCLEBIT GROUP LTD (“CYCLEBIT”), Lemesos/Cyprus, a fintech Companies in the payment sector have a contract for the subscription of a bindingly signed by CYCLEBIT. Rubean will receive EUR 3.4 million, while CYCLEBIT has the right to a loan claim of 271,750 Rubean shares. If it doesn't convert the Loan runs over two years and bears interest at 3.0 percent p.a. The Extraordinary Rubean's main collection had the convertible loan on March 18, 2022 and needed Conditional capital in the amount of ten percent of the current share capital, corresponding to 271,750 shares.

The two companies are currently examining the possibility of a further cooperation.

About Cyclebit Group:
Founded in 2012 the Cyclebit Group is a global provider for payment and SaaS. Core products include card acquiring, point-of-sale (POS) service and marketplace Solutions. The company recently introduced crypto and SoftPOS offerings. Both are Billion-dollar industries in which the company already has a leading position in selected markets. In 2019 the company reached the breakeven and is currently growing profitably at an exponential rate.

About Rubean:
Rubean AG has been a software manufacturer in the financial sector for 20 years. The Company is now growing with the development of innovative solutions for mobile payments. These include the mobile point-of-sale terminal solution PhonePOS developed in cooperation with CCV. Rubean is in the m:access of the Munich Stock Exchange and also listet in the over-the-counter market in Frankfurt, Berlin and Düsseldorf as well as on Tradegate and Quotrix.

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