Rubean Launches GetPAYD for Enterprise Customers

Rubean führt GetPAYD für Unternehmenskunden ein

07. Februar 2022

München, den 7. Februar 2022: Rubean, a leader in mobile payment acceptance for Android devices, has announced GetPAYD, a complete mobile payment solution for enterprise customers offering a front-end application on enterprise productivity devices. GetPAYD combines device-based payment acceptance with transaction processing and acquisition and is based upon Rubean's market-leading SoftPOS technology. GetPAYD offers a complete service, from the point-of-sale app all the way through to the processing and acquiring service. GetPAYD creates additional revenue streams as Rubean participates in acquiring fees. By establishing GetPAYD, Rubean offers businesses a practical solution integrated smoothly and quickly on existing platforms and deployed devices. GetPAYD emerged as a response to market needs and is based on an earlier project developed in conjunction with ExpressOne (a leading parcel carrier in Hungary) and Global Payments Europe.

GetPAYD is available to enterprise customers, including delivery companies, hospitality management platforms, and other front-end solutions where commerce is transacted. For example, delivery companies offering collect-on-delivery services often have to carry at least two separate devices, one to manage the delivery and second one to accept payments. Rubean's GetPAYD decreases system fees and administrative cost by loading Rubean’s SoftPOS app on Android devices specific for an industry.

"As the world moves to contactless options for payments, our SoftPOS based GetPAYD provides a complete product, allowing coverage of almost every market and segment in Europe," said Dr. Benjamin Levy. Chief Commercial Officer for Rubean. "Enterprise customers are experts at their own business but lack the time to put together a payment solution piecemeal, as though it were a Lego set. Rubean's GetPAYD provides a fast, smooth and a complete solution that will result in better business for our customers."

About Rubean

Rubean AG has been an established software developer in the financial sector for 20 years. The company is now growing with the development of innovative solutions for mobile payments. These include the mobile point-of-sale terminal solution PhonePOS, which was developed in cooperation with CCV. Rubean is listed on the m:access of the Munich Stock Exchange as well as on the Frankfurt, Berlin and Düsseldorf OTC markets and on Tradegate and Quotrix.

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