Trustonic, Rubean and CCV are working together on a mobile point-of-sale solution

Trustonic, Rubean und CCV arbeiten zusammen an Mobile Point of Sale Lösung

18. Juni 2019

18. Juni 2019 – München/Cambridge: Mobile security market leader Trustonic today announced the partnership with Rubean AG, Munich, (ISIN: DE0005120802, WKN: 512080), an established FinTech focused on mobile security, and CCV, a leading European payment solution provider. Together, a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution is being developed that accepts higher transaction amounts. This is made possible by the hardware-protected entry of the customer card PIN on standard smartphones.

The use of a smartphone as an mPOS terminal enables smaller retailers and traders to do without expensive payment acceptance hardware (mobile terminals) and still accept cashless payment methods securely and easily. Network operators and solution providers can also do without the acquisition and maintenance costs of traditional POS terminals. The fact that smartphone apps can easily be expanded to include new functions means that innovative, digital marketing and customer loyalty programs can be brought to market more quickly and used in retail.

With the help of the CCV server platform acCEPT, both the payment logic and security-critical elements can be mapped on smartphones via an app, with the payment process mainly taking place in the PCI-DSS protected cloud. Rubean protects, personalizes and monitors the CCV payment client on the smartphone in compliance with the security requirements of the credit card organizations. TAP, an important part of the Rubean infrastructure, protects the entry of customer card PINs and thus enables higher transaction amounts, which means added value for retailers and consumers.

Ben Cade, Trustonic's CEO, says: “Using smartphones instead of their own card to pay is already widespread among consumers and using the same smartphone as a contactless, mobile payment acceptance terminal for retailers is one of the most exciting and significant trends in the world of paying. A TUI that is protected by a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment is generally considered best practice for app-based mPOS terminals and TAP helps developers achieve this goal. Such a balanced security results in a simplified, richer and shorter user experience. We will support Rubean and CCV in developing a hardware-protected PhonePOS solution and rolling it out on some of the world's largest smartphone brands. "

Hermann Geupel, CEO of Rubean AG, adds: “The largest card organizations have been supporting the concept of a purely smartphone-based payment terminal since 2017. Against the background of growing demand from banks and retailers, Rubean and CCV are planning to launch a purely smartphone-based payment terminal with card PIN input supported by various card networks and partners in Europe. Trustonic’s TAP Toolkit offers us the most advanced and most secure user interface for entering a card PIN on standard smartphones. "

About Trustonic

Trustonic aims to equip intelligent devices and apps with the best possible security and to give app and iOT developers the opportunity to deliver simple, fast and secure solutions. Trustonic's hardware-based security platform is anchored in more than 1.7 billion devices, including those from Samsung, vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Meizu and LG. Trustonic’s Mobile App Protection secures critical apps from banks, FinTechs, payment service providers, cryptocurrency platforms, automobile manufacturers, mobile network operators and government organizations, including Samsung Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay and VW. Trustonic is a company founded by Arm and Gemalto in 2012.

About Rubean

RUBEAN AG has been an established software manufacturer in the financial sector for 20 years. The company offers software solutions for smooth communication with peripheral devices in bank branches in Germany and Switzerland. Rubean is now growing with the development of innovative solutions for mobile payment. These include the mobile point-of-sale terminal solution PhonePOS, which was created in cooperation with CCV, and the patented RubeanTag technology, which connects not only Android smartphones but also iPhones to contactless payment and customer loyalty programs. RUBEAN has been listed on the open market on the Munich Stock Exchange since 2016.

About CCV

CCV develops and sells electronic payment solutions in Germany, Benelux and Switzerland. With extensive technical know-how from more than 25 years of payment development, we are the ideal partner for branch retail as well as for owner-managed companies, which we support with individual solutions through our market and customer-oriented philosophy. Innovative and at the same time reliable payment and software solutions form the heart of our organization: For stationary and mobile retail, for e- and m-commerce and the self-service area. We enable secure and fast payments at every point-of-interaction and work together with our partners on innovations that we develop with a holistic view of the needs of retail. New impulses for your business life, simple systems with a lot of added value and the long-term loyalty of your satisfied customers - our omni-channel solutions for trade, commerce and service providers make this possible. CCV Germany is part of the international CCV Group with headquarters in Arnhem (NL).

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