RUBEAN AG and windata want to go together

Rubean AG und windata wollen zusammengehen

16. Dezember 2016


München, 16. Dezember 2016: RUBEAN AG, Munich, (ISIN: DE0005120802, WKN: 512080) and windata GmbH & Co. KG have agreed on a merger. In Both companies agree to the merger in a letter of intent a group of companies to act as a provider in the field of financial software to become more powerful. The 100 percent takeover is intended of windata by means of a mixed capital increase in cash and in kind. the Windata becomes shareholders through the issue and takeover of new RUBEAN shares become the second largest shareholder in the newly emerging Group of companies. The specific purchase price and the exchange ratio are determined in the course of an ongoing due diligence. The coming The general meeting is to vote on the capital increase in cash and in kind. The future group of companies should consist of the holding RUBEAN AG, their Subsidiaries RUBEAN Device Solutions GmbH (RDS) and Smart Payment Systems GmbH (SPS) as well as windata, which continue to exist as run independent companies and independent profit centers will. The expertise and business of each of the three companies are intended to be strengthened and will continue to be expanded, RDS in the area of ​​device management and Control technology, PLC in the area of ​​payment and windata in the area of ​​finance Software. The brand names RUBEAN and windata are to be retained. It it is also planned that the previous windata managing director Michael Rudhart will also be represented on the holding board of RUBEAN AG. windata was founded in 1993 and with innovative ideas in the field of electronic payment transactions are decisive for the further development of the Electronic banking in Germany contributed. The windata is one today the leading provider of banking solutions for companies, freelancers, Independent and private users. The company offers development, Sales and operation of innovative client and server products, apps for mobile devices and web services for the financial services sector, Payment service providers, payment service providers and their customers. To the Customers of windata GmbH & Co.KG include more than 50,000 companies as well Over 200 German banks and savings banks that use the software programs of the windata GmbH & Co.KG offer their customers.

RUBEAN expects strong company growth through the spread their new, particularly innovative software solution RubeanPay. It deals is a unique solution for mobile payment that is already available for Patent pending and which meets the requirements for the highest level of security at the same time met a high level of comfort. The new solution will Smartphones transformed into card terminals. Customers can use it on the Internet Pay just as securely and easily as you are used to at the counter are.

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